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The owners of La Bohème would be happy to help you decide which option is most likely to make your trip unique and unforgettable for your party of up to ten people. What would you think of holding your meeting on board, along with coffee and tart, and then mooring at a renowned gourmet restaurant along the Vecht or the Amstel for an appetiser before sailing on to a following establishment for a main course, and then heading back home while enjoying a dessert on board the boat on the way? Or what about proposing to your beloved on board La Bohème while a singer serenades the two of you as you enjoy champagne and caviar. Or perhaps you would rather surprise your beloved with a candlelight cruise past the elegantly lit country estates of Amsterdam’s Golden Age patricians along the Vecht...

Nothing is too much when it comes to making sure your trip will be just the way you want it. La Bohème can accommodate a party of up to ten people comfortably. We can decide together on boarding sites and times to meet your needs. With our licensed sommelier, La Bohème also offers wine-tasting, and our guide can entertain you and your guests with the ‘inside story’ about the characteristic ‘Amsterdam School’ architecture you will see on some of the buildings we will pass or about the history of the old country estates along the Vecht (in Dutch and/or English).

Cruising routes

You and your guests can embark on La Bohème in Amsterdam or somewhere along the Vecht or the Amstel, depending on your preference. The area along the Vecht is known for its centuries-old country estates, villages and hamlets, such as the stately Guntenstein Castle or Breukelen, the sleepy namesake of New York’s Brooklyn. With our vertical clearance of 2.40 metres, we are too tall for certain bridges. However, we can pick you up and drop you off in Amsterdam with our Crescent lifeboat, the Willem Stark. From 1987 until 2006, this lifeboat served the Coast Guard of Texel. She is named after Willem Stark, a lifeboat skipper during the second half of the 19th century who had been stationed on the Krim, on the north side of the island. Here you will find more information on the history of the Willem Stark.

Further destinations we might suggest include the beautiful Waver from Oudekerk a/d Amstel to Abcoude, the Loosdrechtse Plassen, or the Wijde Blijk with its stunning natural beauty.


Here, too, we are happy to help you decide what you want. La Bohème offers package deals including high tea or coffee with cake/tart or wine and/or champagne with amuses-gueules. If you would prefer a more extensive lunch or dinner, we are happy to cooperate with restaurants along the route. Here are two suggestions:

Amstel: www.lutesuites.nl
Vecht: www.nederlanden.nl


The prices for your unforgettable tour on La Bohème for a maximum of ten persons and an indication of all the options:

The first hour   € 150,-
Every subsequent hour or part of one   € 100,-
Half day (4 hours)   € 400,-
Full day (7 hours)   € 650,-
‘High Tea’ Package: Tea or coffee and an étagère with various bonbons and delicious cakes and tarts from Patisserie Holtkamp in Amsterdam   € 12,- p.p.
‘Champagne & Wine’ Package: Champagne, wine and savoury amuse-gueules (vegetarian or with meat or fish, all organic)   € 27,50 p.p
Singer/songwriter (with a guitarist) on board to serenade you with your favourite covers and her own songs   € 150,-
Photographer on board to make your day truly unforgettable, including a digital photo album   € 150,-
Accordionist on board for all your singalong songs
  € 150,-
The ‘Candlelight’ Package: Atmospheric lighting, romantic music and champagne and wine with amuse-gueules   € 50,- p.p.
Guide on board to tell you about the remarkable history of the sights you will see along the way (in Dutch and/or English)   € 15,- p.p.
The ‘Wine-tasting Package’: Our sommelier will pour a variety of wines for you to taste to help you develop your understanding of wine.   € 15,- p.p.
The ‘Classic Dutch’ Package: Beer, soft drinks, and cubes of cheese and slices of sausage with a little flag in each   € 15,- p.p.


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"We very much enjoyed our trip on La Bohème yesterday. Everything was in apple-pie order. It was such fun that you allow the kids behind the rudder."


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